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UMEU/Ukraine meets EU

The project “Ukraine meets EU” revolves around the creation of supporting systems for UA (UA) refugees who arrived in CZ
and ES based on digital products (MOOCs, website and APP) that support their social and labor insertion in both countries.

The general objective is to accelerate the labor market and social integration of UA refugees by supporting them in acquiring Vocational language skills in Agribusiness (CZ) and Hospitality Jobs (ES), means of integration and developing digital skills for the labor market.

“Co-Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.”

Project results

 Project website, with mapping of resources for UAs in CZ and ES.

 E-learning platform created within the project website for 200 UA (100 per country). It will host 3 MOOCs:
– CZ for UAs adapted for Agribusiness & Agriculture Job sector: 30 hour course in 6 modules.

10 Study visits (5 per country) called “Discover my companies” connected with the MOOC contents, providing practical on site job study visits for young UAs together with young local people. Key resources at local level, key companies, a visit guide in UAs and CZ-ES languages will be organised for at least 100 participants (50 per country). At the end of each study
visit we will share UA and local dishes, as food is proven to be the best way of connecting with other cultures.

E-learning webAPP, that will gather the website contents and the MOOCs, including digital space in which members
connect and discuss their needs and concerns. We aim to have at least 600 downloads both for IOS and Android.

4 trainings (2 per country) for 30 youth workers (15 per country) in supporting UAs refugees

4 internships in local companies for UAs (2 for each country). Selected participants must complete activities and MOOCs.
They will develop an internship of 3 months in a local company receiving a monthly grant of 700€ (ES) and 500€ (CZ)

Digital tools are no longer an advantage, they are a necessity. The Digital Booster experience will help you gain basic knowledge on advanced concepts which will help you to easily enter the labour force of your choice.

Methodologically, our approach is to allow you to choose at what level you want to come into our course, in order to impact the areas you feel you can improve on. 

Remember: YOU and your journey to employment are the most important part of this course

Giving you the material and ensuring that  it is easy to navigate and understand is our priority. The possibilities of what you can do with this knowledge are endless and are entirely up to you. 

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The Partners

The partnership is comprised of the Community of Gagnef and Asociación Building Bridges. The partnership is deeply committed and passionate about digitalization of people in order to guarantee access to better employment for all. 

This project is not merely about learning the basics of digital tools or mastering social media. It is about fostering a deep understanding of personal branding, and the profound impact it can have on our professional lives. It is about equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to craft a strong digital presence that resonates with authenticity and professionalism.


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