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Earn an e-certificate for each course.

EmpowHERment Lab is a co-funded by Erasmus+ project which aims to help provide a digital toolkit for women across Europe to help develop and/or upskill their digital competencies in order to impact/establish their professional profiles, understanding of the responsibilities and obligations of having an online presence, and thusly ensure more access to information, knowledge, and opportunities.

Whether it is establishing your digital footprint for the first time, or learning what digital marketing and personal brand are all about,  the reality is that digital skills matter! 

If accessing better job opportunities or enterpreneurship is on your horizon, Then the EmpowHERment course is your first (and second) step in the right direction. 

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What is EmpowHERment Lab?

EmpowHERment Lab is, first and foremost a tool to help YOU achieve your professional goals, but at the same time we are so much more! Click play on our video and find out more about the people behind the initiative. 

About the boot camp

six countries, one big idea

The Partners

The EmpowHERment Lab partnership is comprised of  partners from Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Netherlands and Spain, all bringing different areas of expertise ranging from Personal Branding and Digital Marketing to Empowerment courses, in order to make the 

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Who is this course for?

While the course was designed for women at risk of exclusion, the reality is that ANYONE who is interested in developing their notions and knowledge of DIGITAL MARKETING can take this course! 

Do I need any prior experience or knowledge to enroll in the course?

Not at all! we have developed the course in such a way that when it is done in order, you will go from the building blocks of DIGITAL FOOTPRINT all the way through content and digital marketing. 

Is the course self-paced or are there specific start and end dates?

You are entirely free to go at your pace. No time limits and no time frames. 

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

Yes! You will be able to get individual certification for each module, and an overall certification for completing the entire course! 

Can I access the course materials after the course has ended?

Yes! The course and all of its materials will be available well after you have finished the course itself. 

Can I enroll in the course if I am not a woman?

Yes, anyone and everyone can and SHOULD be in the know of all things digital! 

How much does the course cost?

The EmpowHERment Lab project and all of its contents are FREE thanks to the co-financing from the European Union. 

What kind of support is available during the course?

The open forums at the end of each module are a great place to get support from the developers of the course content and your peers! 

Can I interact with other participants in the course?

The open forums are there for you to be able to interact with the developers of the course and the community at large! 

Are there any assignments or assessments during the course?

Each module does contain practical exercises for you to do in your own time, these are, however, more for you to implement than for grading. The assignments do not need to be completed in order to gain certification.