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Our Manifesto

Across Sports Community is a co-funded by Erasmus+ project  “aCross Sports Community” born from the necessity of evaluate the potential of the extracurricular education generated from secondary activities like sports. The two organizations involved, Selva Cooperativa and Building Bridges Association, have develop this proposal to comprehend the necessities of the local sport associations and at the same time starting a path of responses to their needs. The Aim of “aCross Sports Community” is to become a movement of collaboration and continuous development that will involve as many partners as possible, all over the Europe.

The objectives we have selected are linked with the Erasmus+ priorities by the focus of the project based on the actual research of needs from the target and the aim to develop their knowledge and possibilities to grow. Thus, the main objectives linked with the horizontal priorites are:

– To increase/improve the digital competences of Adult educators and other adult education staff (coaches, trainers and sports insiders). We will address digital transformation through development of digital tools (web, 5 MOOCs and APP). We
plan to train Adult teachers on digital tools through the project results. We also aim to change the negative opinion on Digitalisation from Sport teachers and ease positive perspectives in it.

– Creating and promoting learning opportunities among all citizens and generations, by the creation of digital tools.

– Boost Inclusion and diversity in Adult Sport Education. Amateur Adult sports should be a relevant possibility to break the barriers of discrimination by using sport as a vehicle of collaboration, possibility of exchange, knowledge of other culture, and generate different cultural tools for youth in sports.

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Across Sports Community Logo

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The Partners

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